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Air Filters... Are They Important?

Air filter replacement

Out of site, out of mind...

How often do you change your air filter? Can't remember...

It may not seem important, however; it’s the small things we do that have a huge impact. Did you know your air filter has many functions?It maintains HVAC efficiency, system failure, helps prevent mold, and maintains your indoor air quality.

Maintaining the efficiency is important, dust, dander, and other air particles are being trapped on the surface of your filter. After a period of time the filter will become clogged preventing air to flow freely, reducing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system costing you more in utilities,

If the filter becomes damp from condensation it can encourage growth of fungus and mold. Which is filtered through the duct system leading to respiratory infections and allergic reactions. It can also reduce the effectiveness of air flow causing a strain on your HVAC system, which can result in improperly operating or equipment failure.

Indoor air quality allows us to maintain our comfortability inside. However; if you fail to replace your filter it can decrease the air quality in your home. If the filter is not changed undue stress is placed on the HVAC system resulting in unnecessary repair cost.

Typically, filters should be changed every three to four months. Circumstances can be a factor in changing your filter more frequently. If you have multiple pets, a lot of people living in your home, allergies or asthma, or if your HVAC runs continuously through the year. If so, filters may need to be changed one a month. Should your filter get wet, change it immediately.

Now, go change your filter(s).

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