Welcome to AeroTech Mechanical. The company began in 2010, our goal is to provide customers with excellent service, quality workmanship, and honesty. We feel it’s important for our customers to have an understanding of their equipment, potential issues, and to ensure their system continues to run properly as the seasons change. As an added benefit we will update our site and blog to help you better understand your system(s) demands.


We have experienced a very hot June and July; I'm sure August won't disappoint. However; we will begin to experience some relief in the evenings as temperatures drop to a more comfortable level. Your system was designed to heat/cool your home. However; when temperatures are 100+ degrees your system is performing to its max capacity. Here are some things you need to understand about your AC unit(s) as we have consecutive days of high temperatures.

  • Turn up the dial a few more degrees for times of the day when there is usually nobody home. A cold house does not keep you cool if you’re not there.

  • Dial down your thermostat a couple degrees at night – cooler evening temps make for a better sleeping environment and it easier for your system to bring temperatures down a bit more in the cool night air.

  • Close off unused rooms – close doors and vents – don’t cool what you don’t use

  • Close blinds or curtains – on the sunny side of the house

  • Use your grill – stovetops and ovens create additional heat