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To download a ringtone, visit MyTinyPhone. This site offers a variety of free tonos de llamada, as well as extra sounds. If you're not into downloading ringtones, you can even create your own by mixing different types of music or sounds. Ringtone Maker is a stripped-down version of the Tones7 site. All you have to do is upload a sound file to the website, select the start and stop times, and then hit the "Make Ringtone" button.

Once you've created the ringtone, you can transfer it to your cell phone through Bluetooth. You'll need your cell phone to be within Bluetooth range of the computer. You should be less than 30 feet away from your computer to do this. After the download process is complete, you'll have to sync the cell phone to the computer with its passcode. Then, you're ready to download your new ringtone to your phone!

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